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SPOT For Business

Affordable Solutions for Remote Workers and Assets

SPOT devices deliver affordable, reliable, location-based tracking, messaging and life-saving S.O.S. technology to hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Using one of the newest mobile satellite networks in the industry, SPOT devices provide dependable service completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure and whenever employees and assets are in remote areas where regular cellular or landline communications are unavailable. SPOT devices are ready to help your business because of the small size, durability, and scalability.


Spot X


2-Way Satellite Messenger

SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messaging so you can stay connected to remote and lone workers, even outside of cellular range. Connect SPOT X to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology through the SPOT X app to access your contacts and communicate easily. This includes direct communication with emergency services and pinpoint satellite location of employees. SPOT X is flexible too; each unit has its own Canadian mobile phone number so units can be reached via cell or other SMS devices at any time.

Globalstar Spot Satellite Solutions


Global Satellite GPS Messenger

SPOT Gen4 gives your employees a critical, life-saving line of communication when they work beyond the boundaries of cell service or if cell service fails. The affordable SPOT Gen4 lets employees check in that they’re OK, send predefined messages or if the worst should happen, contact search and rescue with their GPS location – all with the simple push of a button. Be sure to add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your workers essential gear so they can stay connected wherever the job takes them and no matter how dire the situation.

Spot Trace

SPOT Trace

Satellite Tracking Device

SPOT Trace is a theft-alert tracking device that affordably provides satellite GPS location services and movement alert monitoring, independent of cell towers, radios and Wi-Fi. Perfect for fleet and equipment managers, SPOT Trace sends its GPS coordinates within 8 meters to smart phones, tablets or computers allowing managers to monitor assets and track their movements in near real-time via Google Maps regardless of how remote the places your equipment is located.


Globalstar provides affordable, high quality satellite communications and data solutions allowing businesses to operate more efficiently. 


Keeping your workers safe and connected whenever they are off-the-grid in remote locations can be a difficult and expensive proposition. With SPOT X™ and SPOT Gen3™ personal GPS and S.O.S. messengers, both small and larger companies now have an affordable and proven worker safety solution. Since its inception, SPOT users have been able to let their company, families and friends know their location, that they’re OK, send other simple pre-written messages and most importantly reach out to Search and Rescue all with the push of a button.


Fleet and equipment managers know that asset management and loss prevention are two of their biggest and costliest concerns. With SPOT Trace™, asset tracking, monitoring, theft-alert and recovery have never been easier and more affordable, especially when your equipment is located at remote work sites that are hard and expensive to reach. SPOT Trace™ is small, easy to install and deploy, has long battery life and allows managers to view the exact location within 8 meters of assets using Google Maps™.


Are you able to locate your staff in the field and keep track of all your physical assets no matter where they are if the local terrestrial infrastructure has collapsed? Many departmental procedures mandate that all employees have a viable means of redundant communication and/or emergency assistance should the unexpected happen. Ensure the safety of employees and assets by making sure your communications plan is strong enough for the worst situations.

Spot My Globalstar

SPOT My Globalstar is a SPOT and Globalstar device monitoring platform to help manage and track multiple assets and personnel in areas beyond reliable cellular service. It provides live or historical tracking of personnel, vehicles and assets on-demand. Users can instantly access live feed information quickly.

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